In Pictures: Rapid Development Continues in the Sugar House Business District

21 by Urbana:

The 21 By Urbana developer is beginning to rise above the ground level.  The project, on the corner of 1000 East and 2100 South, replaces a Subway, a small commercial building and a single family house that was used as a printmaking shop.  The five-story, 126-unit apartment building is being developed by Gardiner Properties.

Construction of the 21 by Urbana is underway at the intersection of 2100 South and 1000 East. Photo by Mike Fife.
Construction on 21 by Urbana looking south along 1000 East towards the west wing of Liberty Village. Photo by Mike Fife.
Looking east at the construction of 21 by Urbana and further east to Liberty Village and the Vue at Sugar House Crossing. Taken from some small apartment buildings on Lincoln St. east of Smith’s. Photo by Mike Fife.
Crane above 21 by Urbana looking north along 1000 East. Photo by Mike Fife.

Sugarmont Apartments:

This large eight story, 352 unit project is also beginning to emerge from the ground.  Built by Boulder Ventures, this will be the largest apartment building built to-date in the Sugar House Business District.  These apartments replace the old warehouse for Granite Furniture, used in recent years as a makeshift film studio, and some surface parking.  It has an enviable location across the street from the current S-Line terminus to the west and Fairmont Park to the south.

Looking northwest across the Sugarmont apartment development from the Zion’s Bank on Sugarmont Drive and Highland Drive. Photo by Mike Fife.
Looking past the S-Line station across from Fairmont Park to the Sugarmont Apartments under construction. Photo by Mike Fife.
Looking south along McClelland St towards the Fairmont Park Aquatic Center. Photo by Mike Fife.
Sugarmont Apartments under construction at McClelland St and Sugarmont Drive. Photo by Mike Fife.
The staging area for the Sugarmont Apartments at Wilmington Avenue and Highland Drive. Photo by Mike Fife.

Completed Projects:

Just to the north of Legacy Village and Wilmington Flats is Hidden Hollow Park and the Draw at Sugar House, a pathway and art installation leading under 1300 East into Sugar House Park.
The Vue at Sugar House Crossing from the Sugar House Monument Plaza. Photo by Mike Fife.
Sugar House Monument Plaza.  Photo by Mike Fife.
The Boulder Ventures redevelopment of the Granite Furniture building. Photo by Mike Fife.
Legacy Village along McClelland Street. Photo by Mike Fife.
Some day the S-Line may extend to the corner of Highland Drive and Sugarmont Drive . . and beyond.  Here’s a link to the original proposal.  Photo by Mike Fife.

Posted by Mike Fife

Mike Fife grew up in Norman, Oklahoma but fell in love with Salt Lake City upon relocating here in 2001 just prior to the Winter Olympics. Mike's interest in planning and development was turbo charged during two terms on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. With an Accounting degree from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from the University of Richmond, Mike had a 30-year career in finance, accounting, and strategic planning with EDS/Hewlett-Packard/Hewlett Packard Enterprise.