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Building Salt Lake was founded in 2014 to cover urban real estate development in the Salt Lake City region. We are locally-owned, independent media. That means in part that none of our sponsors or advertisers have a say in our coverage.

Our mission: to provide facts-first, values-based, original reporting. We value smart growth, good urban design, and preserving and enhancing Salt Lake’s urban spaces.

Building Salt Lake is a nationally-recognized Top-100 Urban Planning Blog as well as a City Weekly 2021 “Best of Utah” selection in Media & Politics for “Best Media Upstart.”

Luke & Taylor’s story

Luke Garrott and Taylor Anderson, BSL’s Editors and Operating Partners, grew up in one-story suburban tract homes a block away from each other, 20 years apart, outside Chicago. They didn’t know that until they met in Salt Lake City in 2018. That meeting, and recognizing their roots in the same neighborhood and high school, as well as commitments to urbanism and public-interest journalism, led to the partnership you see here at Building Salt Lake.

We’re dedicated to serving the readers of Building Salt Lake who are many and varied, a readership built by our predecessor, Isaac Riddle. He was the Great Originator of this amazing public resource – imagined, designed, and largely written by a single person. By the time he had to move “back East” and give up the site, Issac had not only posted over 800 articles, but built a market for development news in the Salt Lake City region. We give our everlasting thanks to him.