Salt Lake on the Street: The missing middle

SL City News presents its newest program, Salt Lake on the Street, a weekly podcast featuring discussions with community stakeholders about Salt Lake urban and community development.   The podcast is made possible through a podcast partnership with 90.9 FM KRCL.  New shows will be uploaded weekly with portions of each episode airing throughout the week on KRCL.

Salt Lake on the Street Episode Two:

Housing options in Salt Lake mostly consist of single family detached homes and multifamily residential buildings.  As Salt Lake continues to grow, tensions in popular neighborhoods like the 9th and 9th District, just east of Liberty Park, emerge when residents and developers have conflicting views on appropriate density.   Townhomes and small scale multifamily developments can provide the type of density that makes cities and neighborhoods more efficient while feeling less intrusive to long-time residents.  This medium density, often referred to as the missing middle is abundant in older American cities like Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Chicago.

In Episode Two of the Salt Lake on the Street podcast, Mark Morris of Voda Landscape + Planning and Jesse Hulse of Atlas Architects talk about varying types of density in Salt Lake and the missing middle.

Posted by Isaac Riddle

Isaac Riddle grew up just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. He has a BA in English literature from the University of Utah and a Masters of Journalism from Temple University. Isaac has written for Next City, The Philadelphia Public School Notebook and Salt Lake City Weekly. Before embarking on a career in journalism, Isaac taught High School English in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Isaac is the founder of Building Salt Lake and can be reached at