Salt Lake City developers to host ‘powderland’ summit in March


With an eye toward elevating the quality of commercial real estate construction in Salt Lake City, a team has come together to host powderland, a two-day summit that’s geared to facilitate dealmaking between GPs, LPs and brokers.

The event will include panels, speeches, time for networking and skiing and snowboarding on Utah’s epic snowpack.

Its organizers, led by the development team Urban Alfandre, say they’ve capped the number of attendees to keep things intimate and with an eye on dealmaking.

“We just think that good deals are made via authentic, in-person connections,” said Stephen Alfandre, co-owner of Urban Alfandre. “We don’t want a huge conference where you can sometimes feel lost and unseen. powderland will ensure everyone gets face-time with people they want to do business with.”

The event is being held March 1-3 in Salt Lake City, starting with a welcome dinner Wednesday night. 

Building Salt Lake asked the owners of Urban Alfandre for more details on the event.

BSL: Tell us more about powderland. Why are you putting this together and who is it designed for?

powderland is an exclusive real estate event for GPs, LPs and brokers interested in real estate deals in Salt Lake City. We will have great meals, activities, speakers, economic updates, and will finish by taking everyone skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing depending on preference.

This isn’t a standard, boring conference — we will put people into small groups where they can meet potential future partners. It will be unlike any real estate conference that’s ever taken place in Salt Lake City. 

Why are you hosting powderland?

There currently aren’t any events in Salt Lake for just GPs, LPs and brokers to connect and discuss real estate deals. Los Angeles, New York, Miami, DC and other cities do these events quite frequently and we’re trying to bring the same experience to Salt Lake.

Many GPs and LPs say that Salt Lake is a hard market to break into. We want to introduce the real estate investment world to the incredible GPs, LPs and brokers doing tremendous work in this market. 

The powderland site talks about speakers. Can you tell us about who’s going to be presenting?

We’re really excited about the speakers. Taylor Woodbury — the incoming CEO of Woodbury Corp — will be a speaker along with other Woodbury executives. They’ll be on stage with Jeff Grasso — the former head of Acquisitions for Silverstein Properties who moved here from New York to launch his own business.

We’ll also have Brandon Blaser of BCG Holdings, Steve Broadbent of Thrive Corp, Newton Breiter of Lake Union Partners, Jordan Atkin of TAG SLC, Dennis Allen of Wolverton Capital and David Vitale of Progeny 3, among others. 

We have another keynote speaker who we’ll be announcing here shortly. It’s going to be really good content. 

You mentioned GPs, LPs and brokers, specifically. Can you elaborate on that?

powderland is for a variety of people. It’s for the local GP that is talented and has good deals but wants more opportunity to meet LPs and bring his/her business to the next level.

It’s also for the LP who has always wanted to get into SLC but hasn’t been able to make meaningful connections. The brokers are the ones uncovering opportunities and looking for more opportunities. We want to give them the opportunity to meet more sponsors. 

What are the signup details? 

Registration closes Feb. 20, so make sure to reserve your spot. We want to keep this intimate, so we’ve capped the number of attendees.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, head to the powderland site to apply to attend. We’re getting close to capacity so don’t wait.