In Pictures: Update on three large, transit adjacent townhome projects

Three townhome developments underway will add 143 total units along Salt Lake City’s southern border while providing renters with additional Missing Middle housing options.  All three projects are near either a fixed rail line or a high-frequency bus route.  Two of the projects, Liberty Place and Moda S-Line are directly adjacent to the S-Line in Sugar House and South Salt Lake respectively.  The third, Moda Highland Park, is being constructed on Highland Drive at Crandall Avenue.  The project is adjacent to the high-frequency, 220 bus route.  All three projects’ units will be market rate with three stories consisting of a ground floor garage below two floors of living space.

Moda S-Line:

Moda S-Line, on the 400 East block of the S-Line is currently leasing.  The project is located just south the St. Ann Catholic Church property and was built by Strategic Builders, a subsidiary of J Fisher Companies (including JF Capital).  The development has 32 units that are a mix of two and three bedroom apartments.  Moda S-Line is just across the Salt Lake City border in South Salt Lake.  According to, units range in size from 1,365 to 1,426 square feet and two-bedroom units start at $1,950 per month.

Moda S Line looking south along 400 East at the S Line. Photo by Mike Fife.
Looking west along the S-Line on the north side of the Moda S-Line and the under construction 292-unit Zellerbach apartment complex. Photo by Mike Fife.
The south side of Moda S-Line looking northeast from 400 East. Photo by Mike Fife.
A close up of one of the units in the Moda S-Line. Photo by Mike Fife.
An interior courtyard in the Moda S-Line. Photo by Mike Fife.
Looking east along the S-Line from the north side of Moda S-Line. Photo by Mike Fife.

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Posted by Mike Fife

Mike Fife grew up in Norman, Oklahoma but fell in love with Salt Lake City upon relocating here in 2001 just prior to the Winter Olympics. Mike's interest in planning and development was turbo charged during two terms on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. With an Accounting degree from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from the University of Richmond, Mike had a 30-year career in finance, accounting, and strategic planning with EDS/Hewlett-Packard/Hewlett Packard Enterprise.