Phase two of the Marmalade Block project is moving forward

Rendering of the Marmalade Townhomes. Courtesy Think Architects.
Rendering of the Marmalade Townhomes. Courtesy Think Architecture.

The next phase in the development of the Marmalade Block should begin soon.  The Salt Lake City Historical Landmark Commission approved zoning variances for the Marmalade Townhomes, a 12-townhome development directly east of the under-construction Marmalade Branch.

Everest Builders, the developers of the project requested a reduction in the front and rear yard setbacks to accommodate the 12 single-family attached homes.  The homes will occupy the 500 North block of Arctic Court, a mid-block street between 300 and 200 West.

The Salt Lake City Council, acting as the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) approved the selection of Everest Builders to develop the townhomes last year.  The RDA unanimously approved the project’s schematic design in June.

According to planning documents, there will be two unit types.  Type one will include 3,149 square feet with three to four bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and a two-car garage. Type two units will be smaller with 2,583 square feet and three bedrooms, 2 ½ baths and a two-car garage.  All units will include an adjacent common party side wall and outdoor patio space.

The larger townhomes will front the pedestrian plaza that is included in the block-wide plans.  The smaller townhomes will front Arctic Court, with a private street separating the two rows of townhomes that will provide garage access for the residents.

Under the RDA guidelines for the project, the townhomes will be required to engage 500 North, Arctic Court and provide pedestrian connections to the plaza that will separate the units from the Marmalade library and the nearby Capitol Villa Apartments.

A walkway will be included just north of the townhomes to connect them and the Capital Villa Apartments, a multi-family development for seniors, to the public plaza and the library.

The approved setbacks will allow the townhomes to have a 4-foot setback from 500 North and virtually no setback from the Capital Villa property line.

The RDA divided the Marmalade Block development into five parcels to be developed.  Parcel four is the townhome project.  Parcel five will be the public plaza that connects to the other parcels, including the library.  Parcels one, two and three will be mixed-use projects developed by Clearwater Homes.  

According to the minutes from the June RDA meeting, Clearwater plans to build the mixed-use projects up to 60 feet or five stories, though zoning for the block allows a maximum height of 75 (about seven stories).

The RDA is requiring Clearwater Homes and Everest to ensure that their developments interact with each other and make the area walkable by providing easy pedestrian access between buildings.

Under RDA requirements, both Clearwater Homes and Everest will need to build their projects according to LEED guidelines.

Current plans for the area surrounding the Marmalade branch.
Current plans for the area surrounding the Marmalade Block.

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