Revised design on 300 West looks to increase activity along the corridor

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300 W is seeing massive growth as a commercial big box core and higher density living. The area also boasts a recently completed overhaul of the street that includes a two-way separated cycle track on the west side of the street and numerous enhanced crossings and safety features. 

A yet-unnamed project at 1518 S. 300 W., between Van Buren and Andrew Avenues, received approval from the Planning Commission with a vote of 7-1 last week for its design review and planned development. 

This development is from the same group that initially proposed one large building on the lot in late 2022. However, it has since changed to accommodate numerous city requests, the new improvements to 300 W., and new construction around it. 

The new design now features two buildings with a narrow midblock crossing. 

The old floor plan compared to the new one featuring two different buildings

The two buildings are programmed with 432 units consisting of studios one and two bedrooms. There are also two retail and two restaurant spaces designed on the first level of Building A, the more oversized one fronting 300 W. This is a change from the original plan that sought to include only one bedroom units.

The project plans to offer standard apartment amenities like package rooms, fitness centers, and a leasing lobby. It will also feature an interior courtyard on Building A’s third floor with a hot tub and courtyard.

The new design of the building also allows for residential units that are at street level facing the surrounding streets and the midblock crossing section. The building design will also plan to remove three separate driveway entrances along the 300 W cycle track. 

The city required this separation in its deal to vacate the two existing alleyways that sit on the property currently. Along with this, Building B, the smaller one to the east, will have a public easement driveway open during regular business hours through its garage on the first floor. 

The building is still vested under old design guidelines prior to the new Downtown Heights and Street Activation ordinance, meaning it has less height allowed by right and does not need to follow as many guidelines for retail uses on the first floors. 

The building did add more retail and residential ground floor walk-ups from the original plan and plans to have a townhome-style facade for the three-story segment of the southern facade. 

The planned project will add to an already exploding corridor with another affordable apartment project, Platform 1500, already planned and underway directly north of this project. The development redesign incorporates the now completed 300 W. corridor improvements and looks to increase housing in a primarily commercial area. 

Project Breakdown 

Building A: 

  • Studios: 10
  • One bedroom: 229 
  • Two bedrooms: 32

Total Building A: 271 units 

Building B: 

  • Studios: 7 
  • One bedroom: 135
  • Two bedrooms: 19

Total Building B: 161 units 

Total Overall Units: 432 

Parking Spaces: 421

Development Details

Owner: DG Construction

Architects: di’velpt design

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