In Pictures: Sugar House’s expansion continues

The 21 by Urbana as seen from the corner of 2100 South and 1000 East. Photo by Mike Fife.
The 21 by Urbana under construction as seen looking north along 1000 East towards 2100 South. Photo by Mike Fife.
The 21 by Urbana as seen from the Sugar House Smith’s grocery store. Photo by Mike Fife.

Brixton Flats

The mixed-use Brixton Flats development is located at the west side of 700 East between Wilmington Avenue and the S-line.  The five-story development will have 93 residential units, some office space and retail space, including The Bicycle Center that was previously at the site and has temporarily relocated during construction.  The project is directly adjacent to the Liberty Place Townhomes to the west.

Rendering of the Brixton Flats as designed by Blackbox Design architects. Image courtesy dbURBAN Communities.
The Brixton Flats’ parking podium is beginning to rise, as seen from Wilmington Avenue.  The building to the right is the Liberty Place Townhomes.  Photo by Mike Fife.
Steel is going up for the Brixton Flats along the S-line as seen looking west from 700 East. The under-construction Liberty Place Townhomes are to the west. Photo by Mike Fife.
The Brixton Flats mixed-use development as seen looking south from 700 East and Wilmington Avenue. Photo by Mike Fife.

Liberty Place Townhomes

At Sugar House’s western edge, is the Liberty Place Townhomes just north of the S-Line at 600 East. The project consists of eight, three-story buildings with a combined 70 residential units, including 61 two-bedroom and nine one-bedroom apartments.

Rendering of the Liberty Place Townhomes and the S-Line looking east from 600 East. Image courtesy Salt Lake City planning documents.
The Liberty Place Townhomes as seen looking east from 600 East at the S-Line. Photo by Mike Fife.
The Liberty Place Townhomes as seen looking east from 600 East. Photo by Mike Fife.
The Liberty Place Townhomes as seen from the S-Line Greenway. Photo by Mike Fife.
The site plan for the Liberty Place Townhomes. The project includes a mid-block public walkway.  Image courtesy Salt Lake City planning documents.

New Single Family Homes

Sugar House’s bevy of new large apartment and commercial developments has not curtailed the development of new single family homes within close proximity to the major construction projects.  Three single-family homes are either recently completed or under construction, a block south of 21 by Urbana and a block west of the Sugarmont Apartment, on 1000 east just north of the S-Line.  These homes are a few minutes’ walk from the Fairmont S-Line Station and most of dining, shopping and entertainment options in the Sugar House Business District.

Two new homes on 1000 East between Elm Avenue and the S-Line.  The street has a dead end at the S-Line with only a pedestrian entrance to the station available.   The home on the left was listed for $800,000 as of July 23rd. Photo by Mike Fife.
Just north of the two completed homes, another home is under construction on 1000 East just south of Elm Avenue.  The Liberty Village apartments are visible to the northeast.  Photo by Mike Fife.

Posted by Mike Fife

Mike Fife grew up in Norman, Oklahoma but fell in love with Salt Lake City upon relocating here in 2001 just prior to the Winter Olympics. Mike's interest in planning and development was turbo charged during two terms on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. With an Accounting degree from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from the University of Richmond, Mike had a 30-year career in finance, accounting, and strategic planning with EDS/Hewlett-Packard/Hewlett Packard Enterprise.