In Pictures: Sugar House Business District still booming

Development continues unabated in the Sugar House Business District, with a mix of commercial and residential projects underway.   On the residential end, the 126 unit 21 by Urbana apartment building on 2100 south is now complete.  Just a block to the east of 21 by Urbana is the 352-unit Sugarmont Apartments.  The project, just north of Fairmont Park along McClelland Street, is framed out.

On the commercial side, the first phase of the Park Avenue development north of I-80 between Highland Drive and 1300 East is beginning to take shape.  Directly north of the Park Avenue project, the new SpringHill Suites on Wilmington Avenue is starting to rise out of the ground.  All this construction will bring new residents, jobs and visitors to the Sugar House Business District on the south side of Salt Lake City.

The residential:

21 by Urbana

21 by Urbana, the latest apartment building to be completed in the Sugar House Business District is leasing its 126 residential units in the five-story building sitting along the south side of 900 East block of 2100 South.  The project’s developers, Gardiner Properties were able to build the structure without ground-level retail by emphasizing the wide variety of restaurants and retail in the immediate vicinity.  Instead of retail, the ground floor includes nine two-bedroom walk-up units with entries on 2100 South and 1000 East.  Advertised rents range from $1,015 for a studio apartment to $2,270 for a three bed/three bath unit.

The northeast corner of 21 by Urbana as seen from the corner of 1000 East and 2100 South. Photo by Mike Fife.
The southeast corner of 21 by Urbana as seen looking north along 1000 East. Photo by Mike Fife.
A closeup of a section of 21 by Urbana as seen from 1000 East. Photo by Mike Fife.
The north side of 21 by Urbana as seen from 2100 South. Photo by Mike Fife.
A closeup of one of the walk-up units in the 21 by Urbana shows the project’s concrete detailing. Photo by Mike Fife.

Sugarmont Apartments

Rendering of the Sugarmont Apartments as designed by Studio PBA.

The Sugarmont Apartments will be the residential project to be completed in the Sugar House Business District and will be one of the city’s largest residential projects.  Boulder Ventures’ eight-story 352-unit project is fully framed out and exterior work has commenced. The project replaced the former Granite Furniture warehouses.  The first phase of this project, 2100 Sugarhouse, saw the conversion of the former Granite Furniture showroom into smaller retail spaces.

This large residential project will contain a mix of 34 studio apartments, 206 one-bedrooms, 93 two-bedrooms and 19 three-bedroom townhome units.  The project’s two buildings sit between Elm Avenue and Sugarmont Drive along McClelland Street.  The project wraps around a parcel on the southwest corner of Elm Avenue and Highland Drive.  That parcel was originally going to be the site of a new office building but is now expected to be another residential project.

The Sugarmont Apartments as seen from the parking lot of the Sugar House Shopping Center. Photo by Mike Fife.
The southeast corner of the Sugarmont Apartments as seen near the corner of Sugarmont Drive and Highland Drive. Photo by Mike Fife.
A closeup of the townhouse style units that front the south side of the Sugarmont Apartments along Sugarmont Drive (as well as the west side of the project along McClelland Street). Photo by Mike Fife.
The two buildings connect via a pedestrian passage that will provide a midblock shortcut to Monument Plaza from Sugarmont Drive.  Photo by Mike Fife.
Rendering of the pedestrian passage of Sugarmont Apartments as would be seen looking north from Sugarmont Drive and McClelland Street. Image courtesy Salt Lake City planning documents.
The southwest corner of the Sugarmont Apartments as see from the corner of McClelland Street and Sugarmont Drive.  Townhouse style units conceal the structured parking which is topped by five floors of apartments.  Photo by Mike Fife.
The north edge of the Sugarmont Apartments with the Legacy Village to the left.  Photo by Mike Fife.
Currently this view west along Elm Avenue from the Sugarmont Apartments is of single family homes but soon The Fairmont will occupy the southwest corner of Elm Avenue and McClelland Street. The ramp is to the parking underneath the Vue at Sugar House Crossing. Photo by Mike Fife.
The staging area for the Sugarmont Apartments was originally slated to be an office building that would house the Sugar House University of Utah Medical Center before that project relocated to Park Avenue development.   Photo by Mike Fife.
The Sugarmont Apartments sit just south of The Vue at Sugar House Crossing apartments on the right and southeast of the Liberty Village Apartments in the center of the photo. Photo by Mike Fife.
This iconic Sugar House piece of art/convenient place to sit used to be in front of the Sugar House Furniture store. The bench hasn’t moved but Sugar House Furniture is now further south on Highland Drive.  Photo by Mike Fife.
The site plan for the area around the Sugarmont Apartments.

The commercial:

Rendering of the north face of the proposed Park Avenue development. Image courtesy Dixon Architects.

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Posted by Mike Fife

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