In Pictures – Rio Grande, Depot District filling in around Gateway

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In west Downtown Salt Lake City, a super-bloom of housing is taking place along streetfront and skyline.

Long prioritized by the City for redevelopment – at least since the Deedee Corradini administration in the 1990s – the reshaping of the Gateway area is manifesting, finally, before our eyes.

Most of the action is on 200 South and northward. In contrast, vacant and underutilized lots proliferate south of 200 South, thanks largely to the slow-moving Redevelopment Agency (SLC RDA) and Utah Transit Authority (UTA) who are still struggling to make moves on their large assemblages.

Meanwhile, the in-limbo, ruby-roofed Rio Grande Station remains impossible to ignore, as are the many unhoused people along Rio Grande Street and campers in other nearby public spaces.

Let’s take a look at some recent images captured from street and sky.

Photos by Luke Garrott.

Photos by Luke Garrott.

Photos by Luke Garrott.

Greenprint Gateway is open for leasing at the NE corner of 200 South and 600 West, which is where this video starts. Take a look along 600 West between 200 and 100 South.

Unmentioned so far is The Gateway, which used to be what the neighborhood was called until the mixed-use development appropriated the name. As hoped by redevelopers at the City, The Gateway has become an anchor for surrounding development. Here’s a view along the 500 West park blocks, a signature project of the RDA in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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Posted by Luke Garrott

Luke Garrott, PhD, has published in The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, and written features for the Salt Lake City Weekly City Guide and The West View. A former two-term councilman in Salt Lake City's District 4, he lives in Downtown Salt Lake City and grew up in the Chicago area.