In Pictures: Ongoing Downtown SLC projects showing construction muscle

Despite wild uncertainty in most sectors of building and real estate, construction projects in Salt Lake City carry on. Here are Building Salt Lake’s latest photos of some of those in progress.

Harvest at Marmalade by ClearWater Homes, a 264-unit rental mixed-use project with 4400 sf of ground floor retail space, here from 300 West looking east. City Library branch, bottom right. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Harvest at Marmalade fronts 300 West, with a small grocery planned for the northwest corner and a restaurant on the southwest corner also on 300 West. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Convention center hotel project from 200 South, at West Temple. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Liberty Sky, a 24-story luxury residential project by Cowboy Partners and Boyer Co. at 151 S. State. Photo toward the NE by Luke Garrott.
Cottonwood Broadway, a 254-unit apartment project from Cottonwood Residential, getting its foundation. Photo from 300 South at ~325 East by Luke Garrott.
On the north side of the old public safety/Northwest Pipeline building, The Magnolia 65-unit permanent supportive housing building is starting to rise as part of the Violin Commons mixed-use, mixed-income project by Cowboy Partners. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Hardison, on South Temple at 500 East, is a 77-unit rental project by Garbett Homes. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Hardison has legacy-retail neighbors, Mrs. Backer’s Pastry Shop. Photo by Luke Garrott.
CityMOD Townhomes, at 613 E. 100 South, by Olympus Development. The 4-bdrm >3000 sf units are starting at $999,000. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Exchange project, a 412-unit mixed-income, mixed-use project by Giv Development is really taking shape on 400 South and 300 East. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Exchange looking west, photo by Luke Garrott.
5th and Denver Townhomes by Revival Design & Build, at 532 S. 500 E. Photo by Luke Garrott.
426 Apartments on 500 East, a permanent supportive housing project by First Step House. Across 500 East from Smith’s Marketplace. Photo by Luke Garrott.
426 Apartments by First Step House, from 500 South. Photo by Luke Garrott.
426 Apartments by First Step House, from Denver Street (450 E.) looking east. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Penny, CW Urban’s 36-unit townhome rental project at 1700 South Major St. (50 E.). Photo by Luke Garrott.
Maven West is rising from its foundation at 945 South 300 West, a 30-unit mixed-use project by Watcke. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Maven West, from under the construction fence. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Pamela’s Place is taking shape, a 100-unit permanent supportive housing project by Giv Development at 525 S. 500 W. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Just to the south at 543 South 500 West, Box 500 is starting to dig. It will be a 83-unit project built from shipping containers using innovative construction methods. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Site of Central Station, a 65-unit mixed-income project at 549 West 200 South in the Depot District is starting to rise at the former site of the Thomas Electric building. Photo from 200 South by Luke Garrott.
Central Station site, from the rear looking north from Eccles Ave. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Also in the Depot District, Casa Milagros senior housing continues to fill out at 145 South 600 West. Photo by Luke Garrott.

Posted by Luke Garrott

Luke Garrott, PhD, has published in The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, and written features for the Salt Lake City Weekly City Guide and The West View. A former two-term councilman in Salt Lake City's District 4, he lives in Downtown Salt Lake City and grew up in the Chicago area.