In pictures: North Temple construction update

The North Temple transit corridor continues to see transformative development. Here are three projects that are contributing to a changing west side in Salt Lake City.

Rx Cribs, the old Biomat plasma center, at NW corner of 600 West and North Temple looking west. Photo by Mike Fife.
Rx Cribs will house 22 units. 600 West looking southwest. Photo by Mike Fife.
The old Biomat building, built in 1934, as seen from 600 West and North Temple. Photo by Isaac Riddle.
Classic, human-scaled facade, looking west along North Temple. Photo by Mike Fife.
Rx Cribs looking south along 600 West, entrance to underground parking at lower right. Photo by Mike Fife.

At the site of a former bank at 940 W. North Temple, Greenprint Fairpark is getting its podium poured. OZ Development has also been expanding their Greenprint micro-unit transit-oriented brand in Central 9th.

The former drive-thru bank at 940 W. North Temple. Image courtesy Google Earth.

The building will be a podium plus five stories. It will consist of 150 micro studio apartments, with five ground-floor units that are convertible to retail (per the TSA-UN-C zoning). The developers expect an August 2021 completion date.

Greenprint Fairpark rendering. Image courtesy Jared Forsyth Architect.
Looking to the north at the Greenprint site across North Temple from Chicago St. Photo by Mike Fife.
Southwest corner of Greenprint facing the McDonald’s parking lot. Photo by Mike Fife.
Interior construction. Photo by Mike Fife.
Zero setback from the street in TSA zones. South elevation along North Temple. Photo by Mike Fife.

At Redwood Road and Gertie Ave. (150 N.), RR Development Partners are well into framing their 300-unit market-rate building called the Hive.

East elevation of the Hive along Redwood Road. The building looks maxed out at the 200 ft allowable facade length in the TSA-MUEC-T zone. Photo by Mike Fife
Site of the Hive, lot with foliage, center, looking west. West Station (top center) and District North (right) Apartments were completed in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Image courtesy Google Earth.
Southwest corner of the Hive from the Sutherland’s parking lot. West Station Apartments, left. Photo by Mike Fife.
The Hive, south elevation looking north across the Apollo Burger parking lot. Photo by Mike Fife.
The Hive West elevation looking south, West Station Apartments, right. Photo by Mike Fife.

Editor’s note: Luke Garrott contributed to this story.

Posted by Mike Fife

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