In pictures: Downtown construction pushes skyward – an update

As the calendar turns to August, here’s a look at the current state of some of the active project sites in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Liberty Sky and 95 State. Photos by Luke Garrott

255 S. State – on the block to the south of Liberty Sky. Photo by Luke Garrott

Paperbox Lofts, between 300 and 400 West, 100 and 200 South. Photos by Luke Garrott.

Across 300 West, the Jackson Apartments rehab looks complete, and the West Quarter continues to climb. Photos by Luke Garrott.

The Convention Center Hotel, seen from 200 South. Photos by Luke Garrott.

The Olive, at 400 West and 300 South. Photos by Luke Garrott.

Between 500 and 600 South, 300 and 400 West, the Post District is starting to take some shape. Photos by Luke Garrott.

Box 500 Apartments, and Pamela’s Place on 400 West. Photos by Luke Garrott.

At the corner of Main Street and 600 South, 650 S Main (office) and 6th and Main are changing the landscape. Photos by Luke Garrott.

The Exchange, at 300 East and 400 South. With the Public Safety building and Library Square. Photos by Luke Garrott.

Cottonwood Broadway, between 200 and 300 South, at 336 East. The north side is farther along than the 300 South side. Photos by Luke Garrott.

The Magnolia, just to the north at 171 South 300 East. Photo by Luke Garrott.

The Birdie, at the southwestern corner of 200 South and 200 East. Photos by Luke Garrott.

Diamond Rail, admittedly outside Downtown, is getting its final finishes at 535 West 300 North. Photos by Luke Garrott.

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Posted by Luke Garrott

Luke Garrott, PhD, has published in The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, and written features for the Salt Lake City Weekly City Guide and The West View. A former two-term councilman in Salt Lake City's District 4, he lives in Downtown Salt Lake City and grew up in the Chicago area.