FAQ: What is the Building Salt Lake Events Kickoff?

On Tuesday, May 23, we’re kicking off a series of events with a happy hour of sorts, where you can meet new friends, get together with old ones and meet the team behind Building Salt Lake.

We’ve partnered with Industry SLC to host a get together with drinks, light snacks and idea-sharing and we hope you’ll join us.

We want to give folks a fun opportunity to get together. We want to hear your ideas for policy issues and specific events you’re interested in. And frankly we want to give you a chance to meet the team behind Building Salt Lake so that we’re not just anonymous writers.

What’s expected at this Kickoff event?

Industry professionals and Salt Lake City urbanists can get together, meet one another and also meet the team behind Building Salt Lake.

Grab a drink and some light snacks and share your feedback about the specific types of events you’d be interested in attending in the future.

Who should attend this event?

Guests will include well-known industry professionals, policymakers, urban planners and general urbanists.

Basically, if you’re reading this FAQ and you’re a regular reader of Building Salt Lake, we encourage you to join us on Tuesday.

Why are you putting on events?

We recently surveyed our readers and found that people overwhelmingly want to get together to talk about urban planning and development issues in real life. As the leading urban planning and development media company in Utah, we wanted to fulfill that desire.

After several years of isolation, it’s time to get together, make new friends and share ideas with each other. We hope to be a conduit to better policy and creativity for Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front.

Don’t we have enough groups putting on events?

There are great industry organizations that provide networking and education opportunities to professionals. But we wanted to lower the barrier to entry to provide an outlet to share your ideas with others who care just as much about Salt Lake City.

Plus, as an independent media company, we’re uniquely positioned to spotlight and amplify issues and ideas that are relevant to the city. We’re hoping you can come out on May 23 and share your ideas for how we can fill existing needs for outlets to share ideas.

Are there other events scheduled?

While we’re keeping the focus on May 23 right now, people who attend the Kickoff, as well as BSL Members, will get the inside scoop on a policy discussion and neighborhood tour we’re hosting on June 10 in Salt Lake City.

Other events will follow throughout the year as we assess feedback from the event on Tuesday.

Is a BSL Membership required to attend the event on May 23?

A BSL Membership is always appreciated but is not required to attend the Kickoff event (though Members do get exclusive benefits and events unavailable to non-Members).

What else should I know about this?

We want to get people together to have some fun. We’re working with local breweries to provide some beverages. We’ll have some equally attractive non-alcoholic beverages as well, along with some light snacks. Slackwater is a great all-ages brew-pub next to Industry that we might head to around 7:30 p.m.

If you want to come meet like-minded individuals, come join us on Tuesday.

Any other questions? Email info@buildingsaltlake.com