CW Urban to make case for new townhomes in Millcreek

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A developer known for quickly building infill housing around Salt Lake will make its case for a rezone before the Millcreek Planning Commission on Wednesday night.

CW Urban, which cut its teeth as a townhome developer in Salt Lake City before adding a mid-rise building Downtown and eventually focusing on single-family homes on greenfield, would apply its original strategy to a site near 950 E. Grape Ivey Way in Millcreek under a new proposal.

The project would add 20 for-sale townhomes on 1.5 acres around 3800 South, in an area that is filled with similar townhome and small multifamily neighborhoods.

To carry out the project, CW Urban needs approval for a rezone from the city’s R-2-8 zoning, which generally allows single-family homes and duplexes, to its Residential Multifamily (R-M) zone.

CW Urban, which is a Building Salt Lake advertiser, indicated it was buying the duplex and two single-family homes on the site from Michael Brodsky, whose ABERLOUR, LLC owns the land affiliated with the proposal.

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Posted by Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson grew up near Chicago and made his way West to study journalism at the University of Montana. He's been a staff writer for the Chicago Tribune, Bend Bulletin and Salt Lake Tribune. A move from Portland, Oregon, to Salt Lake City opened his eyes to the importance of good urban design for building strong neighborhoods. He lives on the border of the Liberty Wells and Ballpark neighborhoods.