City taking public comments for two missing middle developments

Site plan for The Edith. Image courtesy Salt Lake City planning documents.

More of the missing middle housing is on its way.  Salt Lake City planning division staff are holding a public open house for two townhome developments that will add a combined 26 residential units.  The projects, TAG Row House and the Edith are being developed by TAG SLC and CW Urban respectively, two companies that have been focusing on missing middle development in the city.

The missing middle refers to housing, like townhomes and duplexes, that bridges the gap between single-family detached homes and mid-rise multifamily buildings.

TAG SLC wants to build a three-unit townhome building on the 600 East block of 100 South.  The project will replace a vacant lot and each of the three-story building’s units will have a groundfloor parking garage, living space on the second floor and three bedrooms and three baths on the third floor.

The developers are requesting a planned development approval to allow two of the townhomes to front a private street, build balconies that encroach the into the front yard setback and reduce the required landscape buffer, interior and rear yard setbacks.

Additionally, the developers will need new construction approvals from the Historic Landmark Commission because the project is in the Central City Historic District.

TAG SLC is currently building two other missing middle projects, TAG 800 and TAG 1700.  Both projects, on 800 East near 100 South and the 600 East block of 1700 South respectively, consist of attached units in a three-story building.  TAG 800 consists of three units in one building.  TAG 1700 consists of eight units in two buildings.

CW Urban plans to build 23 townhomes on the 1700 South block of West Temple.  The developers are requesting planned development approval to allow for the elimination of front yard setbacks and the reduction of the rear yard setbacks.

The project will replace the Majestic Meat building, an adjacent single-family home and a one-story commercial building on West Temple.  The project will have six three-story buildings, five of which will have three attached units and one building will have five attached units.  Three of buildings will front 1700 South will no front yard setback.  A fourth building will front West Temple with no front yard setback.

Each unit will be three-stories with a two-car parking garage on the ground floor, living space on the second floor and two bedrooms and two baths on the third floor.  Parking will be accessed via a mid-parcel private street that will connect to West Temple.

Construction is underway on a second CW Urban development, The Ruby in the Central Ninth neighborhood.  The Ruby, on the 800 South block of West Temple, consists of four buildings with three attached units in each.

City planning staff are hosting an open house on Thursday, October 19 from 5 to 7 pm at the City and County Building.  Staff will be on hand to take comments from the residents on both the TAG Townhome and The Edith projects.

Rendering of the TAG Townhome development as would be seen from 100 South. Image courtesy Salt Lake City planning documents.
Rendering of the TAG Townhome development as would be seen from 100 South in relation to adjacent buildings. Image courtesy Salt Lake City planning documents.

Posted by Isaac Riddle

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