11-story apartment project on 400 S near Pioneer Park breaking new ground in south Downtown

As if on cue, another south Downtown apartment project is in for design review at the city. The 11-story, 138-unit market-rate building, called BRIX by High Boy Ventures and ajc architects, plans to make a bold statement on .65 acres at 233 West 400 South.

This stretch of 400 South has been blighted for decades after removal of its single-family housing stock and replacement by “downtown support” (D-2) land use. Because 400 South is a state highway, its development pattern has favored drive-thrus and surface parking lots. 

Pioneer Park, a half-block to the west and long stigmatized for its transients and illegal drug market, has also hindered development in the area.

Location of the BRIX project. Pioneer Park is in the upper-left corner. Image courtesy ajc architects and High Boy Ventures.

The project will replace a pawn shop and surface parking on 400 South, and a single-family home on Pleasant Court which was converted to office use years before its demolition.

BRIX’s 11 stories will reach 120 ft, the maximum allowed under D-2 zoning. Two stories of concrete podium will anchor the structure, which is metal framed. 

Its 138 units will be distributed between 56 studios, 40 1-bdrm, 32 2-bdrm, and 10 3-bdrm apartments. The project will provide 133 parking stalls structured on two levels, for nearly a 1 to 1 stall to unit ratio.

BRIX is following the green trend of all-electric utilities, and hopes to put a solar array on the roof.

Street-level engagement will be limited to tenant amenities, including an entrance, a gym and a mailroom.

Street engagement, looking east along 400 South. Image courtesy ajc architects.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.

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Posted by Luke Garrott

Luke Garrott, PhD, has published in The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, and written features for the Salt Lake City Weekly City Guide and The West View. A former two-term councilman in Salt Lake City's District 4, he lives in Downtown Salt Lake City and grew up in the Chicago area.